Our Story

Myrtle has always loved writing inspirational messages for people. Purchasing cards that were blank inside was necessary to purchase so that she could write a personal message for the person she was sending it to.

Myrtle wanted the person receiving the card to be inspired encouraged, and feel the love once they read the card. She wanted them to be inspired by the written words. 

Written words and spoken words are powerful, and Myrtle wanted the reader to experience that power.

As years progressed she desired to create her own cards that will inspire, give hope, and encourage at a personal level.  Each card Myrtle writes is designed to speak to the individual that receives it.

"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."

-Mother Teresa


Our Vision

In life people can experience disappointments, challenges and life changing situations.   The cards designed by “Words from the Heart by Myrtle” will inspire and encourage every one that receives them. 

Heart mug and glasses
Heart laying on table


Our Goal

The goal of “Words from the Heart By Myrtle” is to offer cards of expression to be purchased by an individual who desires to send love, inspiration and encouragement. 

Purchase a card and start sending powerful words to inspire your friends

and love ones. 

Here's what people are saying:

Dr. Laronda Brown

"Inspiration, motivation, encouragement, uplifting and so much more is what "Words From the Heart by Myrtle" include. No matter the occasion, these cards are specifically designed and written to meet the needs of every heart."

Dr. Bettye Knighton

"Myrtle’s creative, thoughtful, and heartwarming cards help you express the innermost thoughts that you find difficult to put into words.

When I read one of Myrtle’s cards, I found myself thinking: “'That’s what I was trying to say.” She put my thoughts into words.' "

Myrtle Newbold Headshot

"Speaking from the heart brings life to your message."

-Myrtle Newbold

Achieve the Impossible Greeting Card


Our Latest Card Design

Achieve the Impossible Greeting Card

Inside the card:

Continue to move ahead with your dreams and visions.

Trust the Lord to open unseen doors for you to walk through.

Back of the card:

Mother Elizabeth Fields & Myrtle

Picture taken: April 12, 1986

This greeting card series is dedicated to my mother.

The one who taught me about the power of prayer.

Love • Inspire • Encourage

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